Every wedding has it’s own story. The story surely evolves around two people, but it creates innumerable  number of occasions, emotions and opportunity to treat your eyes. Some moments are so precious sometimes, that you can not afford to loose it.

Sonu & Manoj’s wedding is just like that. Born and brought up at Jamshedpur, Manoj arrives at Kolkata with some of his frenzy friends who makes the wedding into a blast. On the other side Sonu’s family has it’s own share of happiness and sorrow, a mixed emotion which every girl’s family will go through in a wedding.

Here is a glimpse of their wedding, where we have found stories in each shot and in every frame. We wish them a very best of luck for their future.

Front Cover - Premium Layflat 12X18L

Front Cover - Premium Layflat 12X18L

The Preparation, Rituals & Sangeet:


Make up


The Baraat


The Wedding:




Pre – wedding posters: